A very sexy topic in this world, indeed, sustainability became a hot word in ecology, economy, and society. It extends into all spheres of our lives as conscious human beings. It overlaps fields of various interests and yet it is so very same in each of them. Pressing. And righteously so.

Why is sustainability so important? And is it actually important?

… Of course, it is. Especially if you are in favor of things you care about, plants, people, animals, basically everything, existing in the future. To be sustainable became a burning topic because of the future. If we wish for life as we know it to proceed, there is a need for a substantial change of how the world operates today, because it is by no means sustainable. To be sustainable means not only to think about the future though, but it means also to treasure the present and learn from the past.

Before we get deeper into the labyrinth of time, let´s have a look at what sustainability actually means. As the first sentence of this journal entry suggests, sustainability is a very complex concept, blanketing literally every aspect of our everyday life. It is the ability to remain and to be maintained at a certain level. An example related to ecology would be the sustainability of the water supply, which means that the water available for consumption would always be kept on the same level throughout the course of time. Which is not what is happening. 

Sustainability. The journey from the past, through the present, and into the future. When related to ecology, one needs to be aware of the present state of the natural resources, acknowledge that during the historical development of our species, we have highly overused them and we are on the brink of losing them forever. We have never had such a complex understanding of the world as we have now, and it is getting better. That is why we need to use the knowledge and experience we gained in the past, take actions in the present and thereby protect and secure our future. The future of everything. 

All of the above is true for the way we dress. It should be our imperative to act ecologically and protect natural resources. To consider our everyday choices. Buying cheap apparel produced somewhere in Asia cannot be sustainable for the way the seamstresses are valued there, the choice of cheap and non-degradable materials that are used in these pieces, and also definitely the distance that they need to travel to reach our shops in Europe. 

It all goes hand in hand with slow fashion principles of local production and piece-by-piece sewing. To create timeless pieces that strive to stay with us for the rest of our lives, that is sustainability. It is being considerate not only to our environment and nature, but also to our wallets. We end up not buying that much, and we buy only what holds. That is what SAINY holds dear. That is how we think, what we respect, and how we want to work. We would like to see you in our pieces in the far future. Our apparel is produced ecologically and locally, in a way to stand for these principles.



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