Slow Fashion

Walking around a shop, having a look at the window and noticing a big red sign screaming SALE! Why not peek in? It does not harm anybody if I just look around for a few minutes. Been seeking a pair of sandals anyway. Maybe they have them here and it would be silly to just miss them…

One hour later. Going out of the shop with two full bags of clothes, feeling wonderful because of all the acquired jewells. Proud of myself for using the opportunity and recognizing a good bargain. Later at home, unpacking it all and incorporating today´s prey in the wardrobe, finding out that the wardrobe will need to get bigger if luck strikes again.

And then it hits you. What will I do with all this? It is great that the leopard-patterned belt cost basically two euros, but what on God’s green earth will I do with it? And actually, how is it possible that it costs only two euros? It has been manufactured in Cambodia! After a few days I find out that out of the ten purchased fashion pearls, I will probably just wear one or two. The rest is redundant. And there comes my moral hangover.

Sounds familiar? Sure it does. The episode described above is a typical case of the so-called fast fashion. Pieces of clothing manufactured in bulk on the other side of the planet, characterized by low-cost and low-quality production. After a while, usually a short while, the clothing loses colour or shape or attractivity to the user, who simply buys a new piece for just the same low price, and stores or trashes the old ones.

Slow fashion is striving for a wholly opposite set of principles. Clothing is created one piece at a time and locally to maximize the dressmaker´s work and minimize the cost of shipping. Being created individually makes each piece of clothing unique. Slow fashion stands for ecology, sustainability, originality and tolerance.

When it comes to quality and price, one would object that customers pay more for trying to support slow fashion creation. That is diametrically incorrect. By investing in ecological, natural and quality materials, you are making sure your piece will stay with you for a long time, if not for your whole life. That is how you save both money and natural resources.

Slow fashion is a movement towards sustainability and modesty, a direction which we and our wardrobes want to follow. That is why we introduce SAINY. SAINY holds nature close to the heart and wants to offer you pieces you will wear with happiness.


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